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Spares & Accessories  

shopping trolleyspurchased either directly from ourselves or from one of our suppliers includes a Spare Parts & Accessory Order Form to enable people to buy replacement wheels, liners or a Pannier directly from J & C R Wood. This form includes all the necessary instructions on how to order the items necessary to ensure your Shop-A-Seat's life is extended well into the future. Alternatively, for further information on any of the products above or indeed any other spare parts you might require, please contact us.


The carrying capacity of your Shop-A-Seat shopping trolley can be increased still further with this specially designed "hook on" pannier, which fits to the front of both trolley types.

Width 12" (305mm)
Height 12" (305mm)
Depth 5" (127mm)

Spare Parts / Replacements

Replacement Grey Polythene Liners or alternatively why not order one of our NEW insulated fabric bags
Easy to fit replacement Cushion Tyre Wheels complete with silver fixing buttons  (also referred to as starlock washers)
If any other components are in need of replacement please contact us to see whether this is possible

4 wheeled shopping trolley